Sunday, December 13, 2009

I can be taught!

HI!!! My name is Emma. Aren't I cute? My mom says I am and that it is a good thing. I think I am , but I'm not sure why mom says it over and over again. It must be to boost my self esteem.
I love yarn. Almost as much as my mom. It feels so good between my teeth and it is terrific fun to run throughout the house, unraveling it behind me and wrapping it around the furniture.

I'm responsible for this....... (this eventually became mom's Spring Forward socks)
And this...... (this became a February Lady sweater).
There may have been a few other adventures as well, but we'll just keep those between us.

Then mom went to this place called Stitches East and came home with some of these......

It's called a Fibersphere. Mom thinks it's absolutely genius. I think that it has ruined all my fun. Seriously. What is this world coming to?