Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Progress Update

Just a quick update to show you why I've accomplished so far for the Ravellenic Games.

Que Sera - I've finished the first sleeve. This should be more impressive because I knit the sleeve cap twice. I decreased properly at the beginning and end of the row but I was a little too aggressive "maintaining the lace pattern". It seemed like I was decreasing and decreasing and decreasing and eating up all kinds of yardage and yet still had too many stitches. I finally realized that I was adding stitches with some of the yarn overs and needed to pay closer attention to that. I ripped back to the beginning of the decreases, which was 4-5 inches, and started over. This is much better!
Raven Swirl - The leg is finished and I have started the heel flap.  Why did I wait so long to finish this pair?  I love the pattern and it is knitting up so quickly!  Besides that, I desperately need socks to wear with black pants!
How are your projects coming along?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Planning and Training

It's almost time for the Ravellenic Games! I've joined Team Blue Moon and Team Spinning Yarns.

I've been thinking about what I want to try to accomplish and I've decided to try to finish some of my WiP's.  So, for Team Blue Moon I plan to finish my Raven Swirl Socks, which I started in April 2010,
and my Queen of Beads socks that I started in January 2010.
Yes, that's right.  Both of these projects are over two years old!  It's definitely time they got finished!  I'm going to triple dip with these also for the 26 Pair Plunge and the SKA "Can I finish more socks than Christine, aka Mapleweave, in August" fun challenge.

My LYS, Spinning Yarns, is having a team this year too.  I have a few WiP's from there too and I have decided to try to finish my Que Sera sweater.  In my mind I thought I had more done than I do.  So far I have 1/2 of a sleeve complete, so basically I'm going to try to knit an entire sweater!
If I finish all three of these projects, I do have some more WiP's that I could tackle for team Spinning Yarns.  I also have a bunch of sock club kits that I could start for Team Blue Moon too.

I'll be "training" before the Opening Ceremony by winding the rest of the yarn for the sweater and by stringing the beads for the Queen of Beads sock.

I've also been poking along on a sock.  The pattern is Jubilee by Cookie A.  It is one of the patterns from the June 2011 club and the pattern is now available for purchase.  I'm using some Hazel Knits from my stash for it.
Are you participating in the Ravellenic Games too?  Tell me what team you're on!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WiP Wednesday

I pulled out my Vodka Gimlet sweater again last week and have added about 6 inches to it.  I love the waist detail on this! If we get a few more cool evenings soon I may be able to get the body finished.
I have lots of sock on the needles but nothing that is a simple mindless knit.  So I wound this today to cast on an easy to memorize sock.  I'm thinking Jubilee from last June's Cookie A Club.
The yarn is Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in Grape Harvest from the February 2009 Sock Club.

What's on your needles right now?

Monday, July 9, 2012


It seems like it's been forever, but I finally have finished socks that I can actually share!  May I present Redbud by Linda Welch.  This was the sock pattern from the March Rockin Sock Club shipment.  I have to admit that I had a hard time deciding between the socks and the other option, which was a shawlette, Perennial by Debbi Stone.  I love both patterns, but I thought I would wear the socks more than the shawlette, and also I think I'd like the shawl better in a more solid color.
The sock starts with a picot edge and then transitions into a lattice looking weave.
The leg has a lovely lace column
which then transitions into a patterned heel flap.
The lace columns then continue down the foot.
All together it's a beautiful sock!

The details:
Pattern: Redbud by Linda Welch
Yarn: STR mediumweight in Budding Twig
needles: 2.25mm
CO: April 23
BO: July 8
Mods: none! Although if I were to make these again I would either make them one size smaller or use lightweight yarn instead.  As written these are just a bit bigger than I normally like.

I almost forgot, I decided to sign up for the 26 Pair Plunge on Ravelry.  The new year started July 1st.  This is pair 1 of 26.  I'm hoping this will help me with my more-yardage-out-than-in goal for the year :-)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Vacation Fun

The last time I blogged we were just beginning vacation and Tom and I were heading off to Niagra Falls for a quick get-a-way. We had a great time, did all the big tourist attractions at The Falls and then spent the next day in Niagra-On-the-Lake visiting some wineries.  Here are some pictures from Niagra...

These first few are the Canadian Falls.  If you've not been before, the Horseshoe Falls, which are the most iconic I think, are completely in Canada.
You can see The Maid of the Mist heading into the incredible mist that is formed from the water falling.
This next picture was taken from Table Rock, right beside the top of Horseshoe Fall.

Rainbows were everywhere!  The Canadian Falls are to the right and the US Falls are on the left in this picture.  We actually had a beautiful view of the US Falls from our hotel room.
We did the White Water Walk were the rapids are Class 6.  That means nothing to me, but we were assured that 6 is the highest classification for rapids!  It was an amazing sight to behold. An information placard told us that the water is moving at 22 mph along this stretch of the river!
This view is heading toward the Canadian Falls on the Maid of the Mist.  That was FUN!  Totally worth the price of admission!
Heading back to dock, another beautiful rainbow.
We didn't take any pictures during our wine tours, but we did visit 7 or 8 wineries.  It was fun and now we'd like to tour some of the California wineries.  Maybe next vacation we'll do that!

Then it was time to enjoy a Staycation!  This Heron visits us every day and this morning he let us get close enough to take pictures.
Neal is always ready for a boat ride, even when the boat is on the lift!  It's kind of crazy that he can jump from the dock into the boat while the lift is still up.
My backyard :-)  Truly one of the best places on earth :-)
Justin got some extra waterskiing in this week.  Emma has decided that she really doesn't like the boys getting in the lake from the back of the boat.  She gives them heck every time if we don't make her come sit.
A little practice with the buoys...

Yup, that's duct tape on his ankle.  It's what he uses to wrap the ankle he broke last October. "A little extra support so I don't break it again mom"  Seriously....?  But it does explain why there's no hair on his lower leg :-)
Now it's dad's turn.
He's still got it, even for an old guy!  Even if he lacks the intensity that Justin skies with, I think he has just as much fun!
The best part?  I got to enjoy all this fun this morning from the spotter's seat of the boat with my cup of tea and camera while I was still in my jammies!  It really is vacation :-)