Friday, July 6, 2012

Vacation Fun

The last time I blogged we were just beginning vacation and Tom and I were heading off to Niagra Falls for a quick get-a-way. We had a great time, did all the big tourist attractions at The Falls and then spent the next day in Niagra-On-the-Lake visiting some wineries.  Here are some pictures from Niagra...

These first few are the Canadian Falls.  If you've not been before, the Horseshoe Falls, which are the most iconic I think, are completely in Canada.
You can see The Maid of the Mist heading into the incredible mist that is formed from the water falling.
This next picture was taken from Table Rock, right beside the top of Horseshoe Fall.

Rainbows were everywhere!  The Canadian Falls are to the right and the US Falls are on the left in this picture.  We actually had a beautiful view of the US Falls from our hotel room.
We did the White Water Walk were the rapids are Class 6.  That means nothing to me, but we were assured that 6 is the highest classification for rapids!  It was an amazing sight to behold. An information placard told us that the water is moving at 22 mph along this stretch of the river!
This view is heading toward the Canadian Falls on the Maid of the Mist.  That was FUN!  Totally worth the price of admission!
Heading back to dock, another beautiful rainbow.
We didn't take any pictures during our wine tours, but we did visit 7 or 8 wineries.  It was fun and now we'd like to tour some of the California wineries.  Maybe next vacation we'll do that!

Then it was time to enjoy a Staycation!  This Heron visits us every day and this morning he let us get close enough to take pictures.
Neal is always ready for a boat ride, even when the boat is on the lift!  It's kind of crazy that he can jump from the dock into the boat while the lift is still up.
My backyard :-)  Truly one of the best places on earth :-)
Justin got some extra waterskiing in this week.  Emma has decided that she really doesn't like the boys getting in the lake from the back of the boat.  She gives them heck every time if we don't make her come sit.
A little practice with the buoys...

Yup, that's duct tape on his ankle.  It's what he uses to wrap the ankle he broke last October. "A little extra support so I don't break it again mom"  Seriously....?  But it does explain why there's no hair on his lower leg :-)
Now it's dad's turn.
He's still got it, even for an old guy!  Even if he lacks the intensity that Justin skies with, I think he has just as much fun!
The best part?  I got to enjoy all this fun this morning from the spotter's seat of the boat with my cup of tea and camera while I was still in my jammies!  It really is vacation :-)

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  1. What a great little vacation at Niagra. Just watched a special on this too. Did you guys find any good wines on your tour? Ahhh I would love your backyard! Nothing better than staying home and doing nothing in my book!