Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Progress Update

Just a quick update to show you why I've accomplished so far for the Ravellenic Games.

Que Sera - I've finished the first sleeve. This should be more impressive because I knit the sleeve cap twice. I decreased properly at the beginning and end of the row but I was a little too aggressive "maintaining the lace pattern". It seemed like I was decreasing and decreasing and decreasing and eating up all kinds of yardage and yet still had too many stitches. I finally realized that I was adding stitches with some of the yarn overs and needed to pay closer attention to that. I ripped back to the beginning of the decreases, which was 4-5 inches, and started over. This is much better!
Raven Swirl - The leg is finished and I have started the heel flap.  Why did I wait so long to finish this pair?  I love the pattern and it is knitting up so quickly!  Besides that, I desperately need socks to wear with black pants!
How are your projects coming along?

1 comment:

  1. I've heard that the sleeves are a bit hard to keep the lace pattern while doing decreases. Glad you are knitting this first ;) Sock is looking good too!

    I'm doing ok, still hoping I'll finish my sweater and arm warmers!