Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

I'm a car girl. I know that makes me weird, but I truly do love cars! I love the sleek ones, the classic ones, the new ones and the old ones. I actually enjoy car shopping, looking at different features and comparing them, and I don't even mind the haggling with car dealers. For those reasons I think this week's Ten on Tuesday topic is a fun one.

 10 Cars I Have Owned

1. Honda Civic Hatchback - This was my very first car and I bought it from my college RA when she graduated.  It was poop brown and I loved it.
2. Dodge Colt - Most boring car I've ever owned, but it was reliable and economical, and exactly what a commuting college student needs.
3. VW Scirocco - It was white and it was quirky.  But it was fun.  Really fun, so I traded it in for a.. new VW Scirocco - This one was not nearly as quirky.  I drove it until I was 8 months pregnant with my 1st son and finally admitted that it was not practical for family life :-(
4. BMW 325i - This may be my favorite car EVER.  I leased it and when my lease ended I actually cried when I turned it in. LOL
5. Volvo 740 wagon - My first "mom-mobile".  Very safe and practical.  I could fill the back end of it with all the stuff that goes with boys and dogs.
6. Jeep Grand Cherokee - Sadly, it was a lemon and I eventually was able to return it under the Lemon Law.
7. Land Rover Discovery - Hands down, the WORST car I've ever owned.  I still shudder when I think about it...
8. Dodge Durango - The beginning of the parade of white SUV's
9. Chevy Tahoe - I loved this for the 3rd row seat and it's huge cargo area.  It could hold a lot of hockey bags!  And yup, it was white.
10. Volvo XC90 - I drove this for almost 6 years and well past 100,000 miles.  It was also white :-)
11. Lexus RX350 - My current car and surprisingly, not white!  It's very zippy and agile for it's size.
12. BMW Z4 - My Happy Car :-)  I used to say that "someday" I'm going to have a "roof optional fun car".  The first time I had breast cancer in 2006, Tom decided that it was "someday" and we bought this.  It is Mom's Little Car and NOBODY but me drives it without express special permission, including Tom :-)  Note the tux my son is wearing in the above picture.  I let the boys use it for Prom and that's about it.  I'm hoping that when they reminisce about Prom that using my car is part of their fond memories!

So there you have it.  I couldn't quite keep my list to 10 but I did include all the cars I have owned!  Stop by Carole's Blog to see who else is participating.  There are some fun memories being shared!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Guess What Day It Is!

As I was having lunch with some of my family today, I asked them if they knew what day it was today. I got all the usual smart-alec comments. "It's Monday", "It's Labor Day", "It's 2 days before Grammy's Birthday", "It's a day I'm not working". All true, but not what I am celebrating :-)

Today is the first day of week 27 of my 52 week treatment plan. It's official! It's....

Woohoo!!!! I have officially crossed the half way mark!  The hard stuff is all done and now I'm just cruising along getting my inhibitor infusions every 3 weeks.  Life is good!

I had a little early celebrating last week.  I enjoyed a Girls Day with my friend Kris on Thursday which included lunch, pedicures, and ice cream on the way home.  Friday night my friend Michele stopped by with a bottle of Chateau Ste Michelle Merlot for me, which is one of my favorite wines.

I've reminisced over the things that made me laugh along the way.  Such as when one of my friends told me "Damn Girl, you need some eyebrows!  Can you go put some on before we go out?"  and my 2 year old niece asking me "Auntie Dianne, Why you get a haircut?"  Mind you this was AFTER my hair starting growing back in, not while I was bald! LOL  And my favorite.... "Hey!  You've got a bit of bed head going on.  Congratulations!"

Laughter, it's the best medicine, and I'm pretty full of it right now :-)