Friday, October 29, 2010

That was a bust......

I had big plans for Socktober, but unfortunately I fell far short of my goal.  I already showed you the socks that I finished for the Hazel Knits mystery Sock, so I did complete at least one pair of socks.  Let me show you what else I was working on.

I had cast on the Through the Loops Mystery sock from 2008 for the September SKA challenge.  About half way down the leg I decided I better try them on because the cable seemed to have very little give.  Good thing I did because it was more snug than I like my socks to be.  So I ripped it out and started over with the 72 stitch size.  8 little stitches doesn't seem like much, but my goodness, it seemed to increase the knitting time 10 fold! I finished the first sock a couple days ago.  There is no way I'll be able to make the second sock by the end of the month.

Here's a close-up of the cable and lace leg pattern.  I'll be casting the second sock on soon, otherwise I fear this would be a lonely single sock for a very long time.
I also decided to join the 2010 Mystery Sock KAL, also by Through the Loops.  The first clue was released October 1st and a new clue was released each Friday.  I planned to knit from both ends of the ball of yarn so that I would have a finished pair by the end of the month.  Um.  Well..... You know what they say about best made plans, right?  The last clue was released this morning and I am just about finished clue 4 on the first sock.  The second sock?  Not even started yet.  Again, no way I'm finishing the pair by the end of the month.
At some point during the month I realized that I had too many projects going at the same time with cables.  That was the problem.  Cables.  And I was sick of them.  So I started yet another sock, but without cables.  This is Wanida by Cookie A in Socks That Rock colorway ........... Rocktober!  I loved how it was striping in the ribbing, then I moved on to the pattern and it started pooling wickedly.  Here's one side....
and the other side.  I'm thinking about going down a needle size to see if I can get back to the striping.
Around the middle of the month I decided that I was cold and what I really wanted was a sweater.  I stood in my closet and looked at my choices.  How is it that all I seem to have are sweatshirts and Holiday sweaters?  Seriously.  I'm a knitter!  I should have dozens to choose from! Then it hit me.  I have 5 sweaters in progress and the yarn for at least 2 more in my stash.  Sorry socks, you're going to have to share my knitting time for a while.  I pulled my February Lady Sweater out, figured out where I left off, and started knitting again.  I had forgotten how much I love this pattern!  I was able to add about 4 inches to the length this week.  If I keep this pace up, I should be finishing this beauty in less than 2 weeks!
Speaking of sweaters, have you heard about Knitquest's A Sweater for All Seasons Club?  I'm so excited about this.  Flint is the first sweater in the club and I have been waiting for this pattern to be released for a while.  I signed up for the club right away and decided on In the Navy for my color. The yarn arrived earlier this week. 
I love this color!  I can't wait to get started, but I'm making myself finish the FLS first!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


It's that time of year again..... Socktoberfest!

I've finished my first pair for the month.  They are from the September/October KAL with the Hazel Knits group on Ravelry.  The pattern is by Melissa Goodale of Stick Chick Knits.
I'm also doing Kirsten Kapur's Mystery Sock KAL.  Here is the first clue......
And this is my progress after the second clue.  The third clue will be released on Friday.
I also have the 2008 mystery sock on the needles. It's a fun combination of lace and cables.  I hope to finish these by the end of the month, but I really need to pay attention to the pattern, so they are not a great option to throw in my bag while I'm at the ice rink for my son's hockey practice.
Besides that, I realized that all 3 patterns that I have been working on have cabling in them and I'm ready for some variety.  So I'm trying to decide if I should pull out a SIP that I have ignored for a while or cast on something new.  I'm leaning towards casting on, since I have some STR in the color Rocktober that I am itching to knit up.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hats for Max and Meg

I'm pretty sure I mentioned that I have a neighbor whose child is undergoing treatment for Leukemia.  It's a terrible disease, but fortunately many types are treatable with great outcomes. Max is lucky enough to fall into this group of cancers.  He is having chemotherapy and he recently lost all his hair. The weather has turned to fall here in NH, so I made him a hat to help keep his sweet little head warm.  This is the Kiddie Cadet by Kathryn Ivy and I used Lion Brand's Cotton Ease for it.  Max loved it :-)

Megan,the kidlet next door celebrated her 14th birthday on Monday. The girl likes a good hat.  Being a knitter, I am up for the challenge!  This year I made her Miller's Hat by Kirsten Kapur using Classic Elite's Waterlily.  I loved the yarn and the hat and I think I may just have to make one of these for myself!  Even her dad liked it.  I overheard him say, and I quote,... "If that hat were black, I'd be wearing it out to the bob house this winter."

Jim's birthday is in 3 weeks.  Maybe I should make him a nice warm hat too?  Do you have a favorite hat that you like to make for a gift?