Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hats for Max and Meg

I'm pretty sure I mentioned that I have a neighbor whose child is undergoing treatment for Leukemia.  It's a terrible disease, but fortunately many types are treatable with great outcomes. Max is lucky enough to fall into this group of cancers.  He is having chemotherapy and he recently lost all his hair. The weather has turned to fall here in NH, so I made him a hat to help keep his sweet little head warm.  This is the Kiddie Cadet by Kathryn Ivy and I used Lion Brand's Cotton Ease for it.  Max loved it :-)

Megan,the kidlet next door celebrated her 14th birthday on Monday. The girl likes a good hat.  Being a knitter, I am up for the challenge!  This year I made her Miller's Hat by Kirsten Kapur using Classic Elite's Waterlily.  I loved the yarn and the hat and I think I may just have to make one of these for myself!  Even her dad liked it.  I overheard him say, and I quote,... "If that hat were black, I'd be wearing it out to the bob house this winter."

Jim's birthday is in 3 weeks.  Maybe I should make him a nice warm hat too?  Do you have a favorite hat that you like to make for a gift?

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  1. Nice looking hats! favorite hat, I like to try out a lot of them.