Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Making progress

I focused my attention on 2 projects this week and made some really great progress. First up is my Rogue Roses socks. I have finished the leg on the first sock. I'm making the medium size and the pattern calls for 4 pattern repeats for the leg, which is what I did.These Rogue Roses require knitting into the stitch 4 rows below. I've not done this before and I find it quite fiddly to do. I think I'm inserting the needle backwards into the stitch so that it's more like purling, but I wrapped the yarn as if to knit. The rest of the stitch isn't difficult to do, it's getting the right tension that seem to be the trick to create the desired look. While doing these I thought they pretty much looked like the dog's breakfast, but after ripping the first couple out and redoing them a few times I decided to just leave them alone and pretend they were right. I have to say though that once the fabric settled and I stepped away from them for a couple days, they look pretty decent. See??? IF you squint, they do look like rose buds.

This pattern also has a pretty cool heel flap. It reminds me of lattice and it is created by using some purl stitches. I hope to zoom down the foot now and move onto sock 2 before the end of the week.This is the other project that gto my attention this week. It is my February Lady sweater. I started the lace section this past week and completed 6 lace repeats on the body. I love the way this is coming out. I want to finish it by mid June so that I can wear it this summer.
The next decision is whether I should do the sleeves soon or finish the body of the sweater first? The pro's - there will be less sweater to turn round and round while working the sleeves. The Con's - Will I get the right sleeve length for balance without the body complete?
Both these projects will stay at the top of the priority list this week. I felt like I actually accomplished something this week as opposed to feeling like I have knitting ADD :-)


  1. Those totally look like roses to me. Nice job! This is the beauty of being so far behind on sock club knitting--everyone has already figured out the challenges of the pattern when I finally get around to knitting it myself. :)

    I vote for completing the body first, then the sleeves. Why? No particular reason. Just my two cents and that's the way I did it :) Looking good!

  2. I vote for the body first. You can then adjust your sleeve length with what you have leftover. It also insures you have enough for the body if you do it first.

    Just my $0.02.