Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm getting close!

Last week I mentioned that I was still chugging along on my FLS and close to finishing the body. Well, I am happy to share that I have finished the body and have started on my first sleeve! I'm so happy with how it's coming out. I can't wait to finish it so I can wear it!

Here's a little close up of the stitch pattern. It's also a pretty true representation of the color of the yarn.

So the next question is...... to wind or not to wind.......

I have 40 grams of yarn left from this skein and a sleeve and a half to go. Now that I think about it I'm pretty sure I'll be winding my 4th skein. 40 grams is only a fifth of a skein left. And a sleeve is a fair bit of knitting. But you know how the end sometimes seems to go on and on forever?

I also want to congratulate my friend Irishgirlieknits too. We both belong to the Socks that Rawk group on Ravelry. New this year we've been having a KAL for each quarter choosing an underappreciated sock pattern, or two, and then seeing how many different colorways of Socks that Rock yarn it can be knit in. It's been so much fun to be part of that. For Q3 her sock pattern Cotty was nominated and it ultimately was one of the 2 patterns chosen by popular vote! Way to go Carrie! I'm very excited to knit these up and support her. I may even use yarn I dyed at Sock Camp!


  1. Wow!! So close to being done!! I can't wait!

    And yay to the KAL!! Thank you!! I am super excited!!

  2. I LOVE your February Lady! So gorgeous in beached!