Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Time Flies!

Gosh, I am not really sure where the last 3 weeks went but I have been sneaking in some knitting. I've been on a kick to finish up a few projects that have been lingering and not surprisingly they've all been socks!

The first pair is the Waving Lace socks by Evelyn Clark. The pattern is in the Favorite Socks book published by Interweave Press. I used Claudia Handpainted sock yarn and the color is called "Last Night's Wine". These were a lesson in "trust the pattern" for me. The pattern called for a gauge of 9 stitches per inch in stockinette and this pattern is very clearly lace. I usually look for 7.5-8 stitches/inch for a 64 stitch sock so I went up in needle size. I underestimated how much give the lace would have and I am a little worried that they will feel sloppy on my feet. I loved the pattern though, so I'm going to knit these again using gauge!
This next pair is The Purple Rose of Loopy by Wendy Johnson. This was the consolation kit for those who did not get into The Loopy Ewe's sock club for 2009. I used the yarn in the kit which was Handmaiden's Casbah. I loved everything about this yarn! And the little bit of cashmere in it makes it so soft. I've worn and washed them a couple times and they seem to just get softer! These were also the first pair of toe up socks that I've made that I am happy with the fit.
This last pair is Shur'tugal by Alice Yu. I used Miss Babs Yummy sock & baby yarn and the color is Verdigris. I made these as a birthday gift for Justin's girlfriend. A funny thing happened while I was making these socks. I pretty much zoomed right through sock #1, but when I got to sock #2 I kept making a mistake on the instep in the gusset decrease area of the sock. I kept reading my knitting wrong and was knitting the wrong rows of the pattern repeat. I ripped it back twice to fix it before I finally got it right. I get to the point where I think the foot is about the right length, but I wasn't in the same place on the pattern. After some head scratching I realized the mistake I made, and ripped out twice, I also made on sock #1 but didn't notice! Ugh! So I was off by 6 rows! And I needed to end in the middle of the pattern repeat on row 5 because there is a toe pattern that builds off row 5. So I did a little fudging to make it all work out and nobody will know except all of you! Shhh!!!! Don't tell Sammi :-)
I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  1. Those are fabulous Diane!! A sock knitting spree!! Happy Turkey day!