Monday, May 6, 2013


I can't believe I've been home from my vacation for a week already! We had a wonderful time and actually left the resort to do some sightseeing.

The island of St Kitts is in the West Indies.  The east coast is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean (on the left in this picture) and the west coast is bordered by the Caribbean Sea (which is on the right).  The Atlantic is very active with a crazy undertow and you can only safely swim on the Atlantic side if there is a man made reef/breakwater.  The Caribbean side is very calm and tranquil.
This is Black Rock Beach and the rocks are black because they were formed from volcanic lava.  The landscape is so beautiful and dramatic all over this small island!
This tree is in the Botanical Garden and is estimated to be 450 years old.  There was no way to get the entire tree in one picture.  It was amazing to see.
We took the Water Taxi to the sister island, Nevis.  St Kitts is in the background of this picture.
And since this is a knitting blog, I just had to share these cuties with you.  These are sheep. Yes, they look just like goats and they wander freely all over the place.  Their owners tag them or mark them so they can be identified, but they wander the roadsides during the day and find their way home in the evening.  Due to the climate of St Kitts and Nevis, they have adapted their coats and do not grow wool that needs to be sheared.  Our tour guide told us that the way you can tell the sheep and goats apart is that if the tail is up it is a goat, but if the tail is down it is a sheep.  Crazy, huh?
After a couple days of sight seeing we spent a full day on the beach. It was some much needed relaxation, reading, snorkeling, and napping.
I miss the view from our cabana and I'm ready to plan another vacation!

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