Friday, January 24, 2014


I have been so envious of my friends on Ravelry and knitters I know through their blogs who belong to Knit Groups, or have Knit Nights at their local yarn store. Well, FINALLY, someone from my local yarn store posted in the store's Ravelry group looking for a group to join. And shazam! a group was formed!  I went last Friday for the first time and discovered that this is primarily a group of ladies who are much like me.  They like nice quality yarns, they like learning new things, they spend silly amounts of time on Ravelry admiring the new patterns and trends, and... they like to share their projects, talk about all of this and knit!  I'm so excited!

Last week Irish brought her gorgeous Color Affection shawl.  We all oohed and awed all over it.  Many of us admitted that this pattern has been in our queues forever and pretty quickly we decided that we should have our own little Knit-a-long.  I went back today with some yarns form my stash, and this is what I decided on.
These are all Hazel Knits yarns and they are all exclusive Club colors.  From left to right they are Starry Night in Artisan Sock, Silhouette in Entice, and Jubilee in Artisan Sock.  I cast on today while we were together and knit a few rows.

I've also been working on my Toasty Twist socks.  I made it to the toe of the second sock last night, but I just couldn't stay awake to finish it.  Perhaps tonight I'll get this finished!
I bought some yarn last spring for a sweater for my niece.  I intended to work on it over the summer so she'd have a new sweater for fall.  Then that plan morphed into a new sweater for Christmas.  Now it's going to be a sweater for her birthday next month.  Third time's the charm, right? LOL
That's what on my needles right now. I'm sure I'll be showing you more soon, because I've got a wicked case of startitis right now :-)

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