Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

This is a fun topic this week!  Kudos to Carole and her dear Dale for coming up with it.

10 Things You Can Do Yourself But Get Your Husband To Do Instead 

I didn't have a picture of Tom doing one of Tasks, so I chose a picture of him doing one of his favorite things.... taking the dogs for a boat ride.  It doesn't matter how old a boy gets, it's still a great day when it's a boy/man with his dogs :-)

1. Clean up the dog poop.
2. Clean the cars. Pretty much every Sunday he washes and vacuums our cars. We had to install hot water in both garages for this express reason!
3. Let's the dogs out during the night if they need to go out.
4. String trims the yard.  I don't mind the mowing if the boys aren't around to help, but I stink at string trimming and have no desire to get better at it!
5. Rakes under the decks.  They seem to be a catch-all area for the leaves in our yard.
6. Sweeps the sand out of the garages.  It's amazing how much gets tracked in, especially during the winter!
7. Digs my holes if I want to plant something new, especially if it's on the larger side, like a shrub for instance.
8.  Scrubs roasting pans after big family dinners.  I'm one for letting it soak a bit, he hates dishes sitting in the sink.  Works for me!
9. Makes sure the trash gets to the dump, even though most weeks that means sending one of the boys to do it.
10. Makes sure that the snow gets cleaned up.  Again, this is usually taken care of by the boys, but if he's going to be away during a storm I always overhear "Don't make you mom snowblow the driveway.  Make sure you get it done BEFORE you go anywhere."

He's a good guy.  I'm definitely going to keep him :-)

Today is also a BIG DAY in our family.  My baby is celebrating his 18th Birthday!  I'm not really sure how it is that 18 years has sped by since he joined us, but he has brought us much joy over the years.  He is smart, confident, outgoing, friendly, and has the most wonderful sense of humor.  He is truly a blessing in our family and we are so very proud of the amazing young man he is becoming.



  1. Happy Birthday Chandler! Of course he is becoming a great young man - look at what a great example his dad is around the house especially. Love your list!

  2. I heartily agree with Donna. :) Love your #8!

  3. You have a great hubby and you two must be a great team if you have guided through life a wonderful young man.

  4. Happy Birthday to your baby Chandler! And the dump - I would never do that job! ;-)

  5. oh happy birthday to your ds. isnt it crazy? my oldest is 15 and i'm like...what!!!????