Thursday, August 14, 2014


It's a big day of Milestones and Celebrations at my house today!

The first celebration is that I completed my last Radiation Treatment today!  And I have the Diploma to prove it!
I am so happy to have that done and behind me now :-)  My skin is pretty uncomfortable from it.  The doctor assures me that although my skin does not look "normal" it looks exactly as it should at this point in my treatment.  He made a change for my care of it at home yesterday and already I can feel a dramatic improvement.  Hopefully in a few more days I'll be back to sleeping well again too.

All that's left now for my treatment is the Herceptin, which I get by infusion every 3 weeks.  It's the easy part of my treatment.  I feel like I'm in the home stretch now!

The second Milestone for my family today is that Chandler has officially left for college.  I'm not sure whether to end that sentence with !!!!! or ......  Honestly it's a bit of both.  I'm so happy and excited for him.  He's chosen a GREAT school that I truly believe is a great fit for him.  I really think he's going to love it and the entire experience.  He's matured so much over the last couple of years and I know being away from home is only going to give him the chance grow more.  I could not be more proud of him!

But I feel a bit like Neal.....
and Emma.....
I'm going to miss my boy.  Very much.
His Jetta is packed to the ceiling, his tank is full of gas, and his dad sitting beside him as his co-pilot. They're going to have a great trip.
He had a wonderful send off this morning from his girlfriend and his best buddies from the neighborhood. He's the first one of his friends to leave for school.  He's a lucky kid to have made friends like these :-)
Clemson University,get ready, because here he comes. Go Tigers!

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  1. So happy that your radiation treatments are done! Here's hoping your skin feels much better soon!

    I don't have kids - but if I did - it would be so hard to watch them go out on their own!!

    Linda in VA