Monday, February 9, 2015

Turning the Frown Around

It's Monday, and it's supposed to be a treatment Monday today.  I'm closing in on the end of my treatments, only 2 more to go!  But it is snowing. Again.  A LOT!!! Yesterday my oncologist's office called to let me know that the infusion center would be closed today due to the storm.  It's hard to describe how unreasonably angry that made me.  I know it's unreasonable.  It's weather, it's unpredictable, there's the safety of patients AND staff to consider. I know all of this, but it still really pissed me off. I have a plan, the end is in sight, and this weather event just potentially skewed my plan.

So this morning, since I was home, I decided I should balance the checkbook and pay some bills, because what else should you do when you're in a bad mood?  Absolutely get a close up and intimate look of your finances ;-)

While I was sitting at the counter updating the checkbook, I looked up.  What did I see outside my kitchen window? A CARDINAL!!!!  I have lived in this house 14 years and 10 months and I have never seen a cardinal in my yard before!  In fact I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen a cardinal in my area.

I immediately jumped up a took this quick picture with my phone.  I didn't think it would come out so I ran down the hall to get my good camera.  I couldn't believe that this bird was still at my feeder when I got back.  Two pictures later, the battery was dead, but I'm so excited that I got a couple pictures.  I've been smiling about this little bird all day :-)  I hope he comes back!

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  1. Look what nice things happen when you decide to balance your checkbook.:) I hope he comes back to visit, too. Sending good thoughts for getting to your treatments and reaching the end!