Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Megan!!!!

This is the kidlet that lives next door. I absolutely love her :-) She is everything that I would want my daughter to be if I had one. She's spunky, creative, passionate, a good friend, witty, strong, independent, and just enough "girly" without being obnoxious. And she appreciates my handknits.
I made her an Amanda Hat. (I made Chandler model so I could take a picture. Doesn't he look thrilled?) I used Dream in Color Classy in Pansy Go Lightly so that it could go into the washer. There was an unfortunate incident with a hat I made her last year out of Manos del Uruguay, so machine washable was a must for it's replacement. I was not happy with the fabric at the the recommended gauge of 4 stitches per inch, so I made some modifications so that I could knit this at a tighter gauge of 4.5 per inch.
Since this is a free pattern I'm going to share my mods in detail: Cast On 97 stitches and then worked 13 rounds of garter stitch ending with a knit row. Worked lace pattern 3 times (12 rows total).worked 6 rows garter starting with p row end w/knit row. Repeat lace pattern 3 more times. Then repeat 6 rows garter beginning w/p round. crown decreases - round 1 k6, k2tog, repeat until 9 stitches left knit 7 k2tog. knit next round until last 2 stitches and k2tog. k next round. round 4 - k5, k2tog, repeat across round. k next 2 rounds. k4, k2tog, repeat. k next round. Continue in this pattern until 6 stitches left. Run yarn through remaining stitches and pull tight.

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