Friday, June 18, 2010

Making Progress

I've made some nice progress on the projects that I've been actively working on, but first I wanted to show you a bit of yarn that arrived in the mail recently.

My mom knows how much I love my Socks That Rock, so she gave me a gift certificate for my birthday. I used it when the vacationing colors were listed recently and got myself a skein of Apple Valley Road. It's really gorgeous in person ranging from a sweet pastel pink at one end to a deep, purpley pink at the other. Love it! Can't wait to see how it knits up!
I also ordered some Bugga for myself. I'm a sucker for "available for a limited time then gone" colors and the day I happened to pop onto The Sanguine Gryphon website there was Argae Moth, a retired color , back only for a couple days. And well..... I couldn't resist :-) It's the blue-green one on the bottom. Since I was paying for shipping I may as well get my money's worth on it, so I ordered Tomato Frog too. I didn't really have a great red in my stash and the description for this one still makes me giggle. I quote..." Red. Red red. Thigh high boot red. Transvestite lipstick red." And it is. It's a great color and not at all subtle. I'm really glad I ordered it!
On the knitting front, I finished my first Raven Swirl sock,
and my first Summer Sox. I'm ready to cast on sock 2 for both of these patterns, but The Summer of Socks starts Monday and my goal this year is to knit some second socks which will clean up my WIP's. I'm sure I'll cast on some new socks too. Ann Hanson is the featured designer for July for the Sock Knitters Anonymous group on Ravelry. I love her patterns. The question is really not "if" I will cast on but "how many"....... Stay tuned.
So until Monday, my CeCe will get all my knitting attention. I'm happy with the progress I made this week. I need to measure again, but I think I'm ready to start the neckline decreases and only about an inch from being able to start the sleeves!
What do you have lined up for summer knitting?

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  1. Pretty yarns!! better cast on the 2nd ones you don't want SSS doubley do you? Cece is looking beautiful so far. Sigh..finish at least 1 sweater that fits, more socks and a shawl or two. No summer of socks for me, have the tour De Fleece to do.