Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Milestone

It's official, my baby has graduated from middle school and is now in high school!

He received two awards last night. The first was the Honor Roll Award for being on the honor roll all 4 marking periods this year. The second was the President's Award for which you need to be on the honor roll all year, score at the 90th percentile or higher on a standardized test and be recommended by your teachers. We're proud parents :-)

He's a pretty happy kid.

I love this picture of him sharing a laugh with his Grammy.

We enjoyed some ice cream afterward with the grandparents. Today he is off to a birthday party, then a school's out for summer party, then 2 friends are sleeping over tonight.

But first he decided he needed a summer haircut and let his friend Megan give him a buzz cut. I'm still in shock over the haircut. All I wanted was to see his eyes and ears!

Next challenge? Summer reading and math worksheets.

Happy Summer!


  1. It's amazing how they bounce back and forth between too old and not old enough. Both in our eyes and in theirs. Just that we each have different yardsticks. Congratulations Mom, Dad, Grandparents and the child himself. You all deserve a high five. And some hugs, Alice

  2. Congratulations to your son! They sure do look different when they get that buzz cut don't they :) Sounds like he has summer school projects like mine.