Monday, August 30, 2010

Just can't Beet It!

I have another finished project to show you and I am so happy with how it came out! This yarn is from the July Rockin' Sock Club shipment. It's called Firecracker and I love the vibrant colors of it. I had a hard time deciding between the two patterns but I chose My Heart Beets 4U by Knitspot to make with the club yarn.
True to it's name, it has a beet motif worked into the heel flap, and I love how the pattern looks like beet greens coming out the top of the beet.

While I was knitting the first sock, I thought it was really interesting how the colors pooled on the leg, but once I got to the foot it got much more stripey. Did my tension change or was the stockinette on the bottom of the foot really changing how much yarn I was using?

I cast on the 2nd sock and knit away. Do you see it? Look how matchy-matchy they are! Apparently I started at the same place in the color progression when I cast on sock 2 and had no idea! And again I had pooling on the leg and striping on the foot. So my tension didn't change, but the stitch pattern definitely has an effect on how much yarn is being used and how the colors stack up.

I love how they came out, and you just can't beet that!

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  1. Those are wild!! How funny that you started at the same color area for both. :)