Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I've been trying to finish up a couple projects before Sock Summit next week so that I can a.) free up some needles, and b.) start a few new projects, aka homework, for my classes. I did finish my Summer Wind scarf and I'll show you that tomorrow. I am still working on two pairs of socks though.

I'm plugging away slowly but surely on Stricken.  I've finished the dreaded Chart E which flows into the heel flap.  I think what has made this chart dreaded for so many is that the cabling takes place on the wrong side of the heel flap as well as the right side.  I'm not sure I've ever done that before, but I completed it succesfully and now just need to add some more length to the flap so I can turn the heel.  I'm still on sock one, so I think these may be a long term project.
Here is the 2nd Orange Pekoe sock.  Next time I work on it I'll be able to turn the heel and then zip down the foot.
My Sprossling sweater hasn't gotten any attention in about 2 weeks and I doubt it will until after Sock Summit.  Before I leave, one week from today, I need to finish Orange Pekoe and do my homework for my classes.  I bet this next week will fly by!

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