Thursday, September 13, 2012

In the works

I have been trying to finish up some projects over the summer, and as the summer is winding down I am running out of steam with my older WiP's and dreaming of new projects. But I am so close to being done on my Que Sera sweater!  I finished the knitting and wove in the tails last night!  This morning it had a good soak and blocking!
I stopped in at Spinning Yarns today and picked out some cute buttons that I think will work well.  Tonight I'm going to seam the shoulders and start on the neck.  At least I hope so.  It's pretty warm tonight so I might work on a sock instead of having a whole sweater in my lap.

I have just a couple inches to go before the toe on my Jubilee sock.
And about the same or less on my Haystack sock.
So the other thing I've been working on this week is a needle case for my circular needles.  Circular needles are my favorite and I have accumulated quite a few of them.  Actually, a lot of them.  I really need a way to organize them and I'd like to have a way to carry them with me when I knit away from home. The ziploc bags just aren't cutting it anymore!  Margot, who owns Spinning Yarns, showed me the one she made for herself out of the same desperation I feel. I decided I needed to copy her idea.
So basically it's a book with envelope style pockets inside.  I fashioned the pockets to be just a smidge larger than the Skacel ziploc bags that Addi needles are sold in.  This first one has 6 pockets and I'm thinking that I'll use it for my sock needles.  I can easily make one with as many pockets as I'd like.
The problem is that it's not quite right and I haven't yet figured out how to make it better.  The pockets are a great size for 1 or 2 needles each.  The problem is that I have about coughsixcough needles in each size for socks.  So..... do I have multiple pockets for each size?  Separate needles by cable length? (Which is a major consideration for larger size needles)  Make bigger pockets to more easily handle multiple needles in each size? Come up with a completely different plan?  I'm stumped.  What do you think?  What would be your dream way to organize circular needles?

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  1. Hope you get time to seam or at least it gets chilly enough to do so ;)

    I'm including some links to some circular cases I've made in the past. LMK if you have any questions :)
    HTH :)