Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday - The Car Edition

This week's prompt is 10 Things You Always Have in Your Car.  By funny coincidence, DH has been having some car trouble recently and with nearly 200K miles on his work car, we decided it was time to replace it.  And so this past weekend we bought a new car.  This will be primarily for Tom for work.  Anyway, over the past 10 days, he has been using my car and we've been shuffling our essential things around and we have had the "Oh crap, I left that in the other car" moments.  So what did I discover are my essential car items?

1. Sunglasses.  I wear them almost all the time while driving.
2. Blanket.  It comes in really handy at the hockey rink to sit on and keep warm.
3. Dog leashes.  The pups love to go for a ride and I like to be sure I have a leash with me.
4. Hand Cream.  My hands are so dry in the winter.
5. Umbrella.  Always handy when the weather is nasty.
6. Cooler bags.  Handy for keeping my cold items cold on errand days.  They also work great for keeping pizza hot :-)
7. Napkins.
8. Straws.  It's really irritating to drive away from the drive-thru and realize there's no straw for the drink.  I always manage to spill it if I have to take the cover off, hence the reason for #7, so I try to keep an extra one in the armrest.
9. Phone charger
10. Change, for parking meters.

Making this list makes me realize that my car has become a giant purse!  What do you keep in your car?


  1. Looks like we have the same situation. Haha! Anyway, these are my 10 essential car items: phone charger, sunglasses, umbrella, tissue, bottled water, hand towel, ballpen, notepad, and medicine. Until now, I still forget to put some of those items in my car.

    >Timmy Radloff

  2. I’d like to share mine. Here are the 10 things I always have in my car: phone charger, blanket, sunglasses, iPod, food, water, napkins, car manual, emergency kit, and my first aid kit. Whenever I’m going for a long drive, I always make sure I have them all in my car. It makes me go crazy if I forget one of these.

    +Kyle Schmidt