Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Great Hat Challenge

I've decided I'm "all-in" on the biggest knitting challenge I've ever contemplated.  Personalized hats for every kid on my son's high school hockey team!

I made this one for Chandler right after he made the varsity team .  Try-outs were the week of Thanksgiving and I made this hat the following week.  Chandler came home and told me that everyone loved his hat and they all wanted them too.  That is both flattering and overwhelming! But I decided that, bottom line, when 15-17 year old boys ask you if you'll make them a hand-knit hat....., you figure out how to make that happen.  So the great challenge has begun!

I started with the seniors.  Clockwise, these are for Thomas P., Craig (who was Chandler's locker buddy last year & co-captain this year), Casey (co-captain), and Carter.
Next up are the juniors, but I decided to throw a fun challenge at the kids too.  Regardless of their grade level, if they score in a game, they go to the top of the hat queue! This is totally for fun, but maybe it will add a little fire to their game :-)

The grand tally to date: 5 hats done, 16 to go.  Last day of the season is February 23!  Stay tuned!


  1. this is so great! knit, knit like the wind!

  2. Awesome hats! Go you! What a great incentive :)

  3. Best mom ever, you know that right?! Knit knit knit!!! Keep us posted :)