Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

Since Sunday was Mother's Day it is pretty fun to think about some of the TV mothers that I love.  When Carole sent this topic for today I thought it would be easy because it seems like we watch so much television, and there are so many channels to choose from, but...... how many of these shows have great mother figures?  I wish I was more like some of these characters, some are great examples of the mother I don't want to be, and some just plain make me laugh. So in no particular order, here are

10 Favorite TV Moms

1. Marion Cunningham - she was fun, witty, caring, and seriously... who doesn't love Mrs. C? (Happy Days)
2. Carol Brady - she was a hip mom. (The Brady Bunch)
3. Caroline Ingalls - a strong woman who was the true foundation of her family. (Little House on the Prairie)
4. Peg Bundy - she just made me laugh. (Married with Children)
5. Angela Rizzoli - Building a new life for herself and yet always there for her kids, even when they wish she wasn't! (Rizzoli & Isles)
6. Claire Dunphy - a modern mom if ever there was one. (Modern Family)
7. Claire Huxtable - she had it all and did it well. (The Cosby Show)
8. Jill Taylor - I admit that I identify with her.  3 sons who are all so different and a husband who is a little too handy around the house, although mine's not that bad :-) (Home Improvement)
9. Marie Barone - She is a god-awful mother-in-law and I thank my lucky stars every day that my own MIL is nothing like her! (Everybody Loves Raymond)
10. Evelyn Harper - She and her sons are so judgmental of each other!  So funny because there is definitely some truth in there :-) (Two and a Half Men)

Who is your favorite TV Mom?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Man, I am really slipping. I neglected Jill Taylor. How could I? When my boys were younger, we watched this show a lot. I thought she was great.

  2. Evelyn Harper! She is great!! I'm jealous - you have three boys! I was always going to have three boys and a Volvo wagon. I've got one boy and a VW. :-)

  3. dont knowmany of these. enjoyed reading your list though :)

  4. I always liked Edith Bunker best! Great list!