Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happy Socks

First, let me say how overwhelmed I am at the outpouring of love and support that you have all expressed as I continue along my journey with cancer.  This has not been the easiest journey of my life, but it certainly will be one of the most memorable.  I know that when it is all over, it will not be the endless doctor appointments, treatments and side effects that stay with me. It will be support of my community, both near and far, and how that has made me and my family feel that will stay with me.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart :-)

Since this is primarily a blog about my knitting, let me show you my spiffy, happy new spring socks! This is the February shipment of the Cookie A Sock Club.  This pattern is Bjork and I used the club yarn, The Plucky Knitter Feet, in the color Goin' Steady.  Although I have some Plucky Feet in my stash, I hadn't actually used it before.  I did like it!  It's not as soft and cushy as the Primo Fingering, but it makes a nice sturdy fabric and the lace pattern shows beautifully.  They're ready for a bath now and I'm curious to see how they feel after a good washing.

Starting from the top, a nice 2x1 ribbed cuff,
which was followed by a lacy leg and foot.
It is finished off with my favorite wedge toe.
I finished these just in time for the April shipment to arrive, as in I finished these last Saturday and the new package arrived Monday!

I even baked one of the cookie recipes last month.  Behold the deliciousness of the Chocolate Crinkle cookie! I'm not going to lie, these were fabulous!  I will definitely be making these again!
I almost forgot, this pair of socks is pair #8 in the 26 Pair Plunge.  I am SO behind on this challenge.  It ends June 30.....

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  1. Gorgeous socks.....and those darn cookies look good too! They just look fun to wear.