Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Graduates

Two of my boys graduated this year. I already shared some pictures from Justin's graduation. Chandler graduated from Bishop Brady High School two weeks ago and we celebrated both of their graduations this past weekend.  Here are some pictures of our celebrations!

Grammy Pete made this pennant for Chandler.

The boys with their cakes.....
...and then a frosting fight...

More fun from Grammy
because the pillow she made him is so bright :-)
Grammy made Chandler a quilt for school too, but because it's not in his school colors, she added tiger paws to it.
Grammy had some fun with Justin too.
For some reason Blogger is not letting me rearrange my photos today, so these are out of order.

I was happy to be able to get some pictures of my boys together in their cap and gowns.  I think they're pretty handsome!
And here are some pictures form Chandler's graduation, processing in..
with Caitlin and Sophie who are two of the girls from our neighborhood that he has grown up with.  It was so sweet of them to come to his graduation!
Chandler with his girlfriend, Stephanie.  They are so cute together!
And finally, a family picture with the graduate!
Tom and I are pretty proud and happy parents!  Chandler has decided on Clemson University and will be moving to South Carolina in August.  He is excited for all the opportunities awaiting him there and can't wait to go.  We're very excited for him!

Justin accepted a position with Schlumberger and begins their training program in October.  He is home for the summer and enjoying his last hurrah before he truly joins the adult working world.  But we are so happy and relieved that he has a job, even if it doesn't start until fall, and is in Oklahoma!


  1. Congrats to the grads! They look very happy!

    Linda in VA