Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just close your eyes and JUMP!

I have finished my MIL Christmas gift, which was a Luna Moth Shawl knit in BMFA Woobu. You might recall that I ran out of yarn while binding off and needed to get more yarn. The yarn came and I added another repeat of the pattern, just because I could, and hd the knitting all finished about 10 days ago. Since then I have been dreading "The Blocking". I've never blocked something like this before so I was nervous about it.
I didn't have anywhere I needed to go today so I decided there was no better time to do it. I should just hold my breath, close my eyes, and jump. I gathered up the foam squares and blocking wires I bought for this specific project and took over the dining room.
Into a tepid bath it went.....
and out onto some towels to soak up the excess water.
And here it is on the wires drying.
It took me about an hour start to finish. I'm not sure how long I expected it to take, but I was so nervous about this first time that I wouldn't even start unless I had at least 4 uninterrupted hours to spend on it. I'm not sure I did it right in terms of where to run the wires through, but it's done now. And I figure that if it's wrong, and it shows, I can wet it again and give it another try.

Now I'm going to go pat myself on the back and celebrate. I did something new today :-) And I have now completed the 2, yes 2, UFO's that I hoped to finish in January!!


  1. YAY!!!! LOVE, love love! So lovely and beautiful!

  2. Yay, it's done! And blocking is so much easier & faster w/blocking wires. I used to do it w/crochet thread and pins only. Such a PITA that way.

  3. Gorgeous shawl! I've never blocked any lace the size of a shawl either. Looks like you did a fine job. Congratulations!

  4. I've never blocked anything -- so I appreciate the pix. One of these days, my time will come!