Tuesday, September 13, 2011

10 on Tuesday

10 Things I Buy Each Week

This is going to be a tough one this week because we're not supposed to include groceries.  I think that I'm a creature of habit, but I'm not sure that there are 10 things I buy every week, other than specific grocery items.  I'm going to give it a try though.....

1. Dunkin Donuts Coffee.  I treat myself at least once a week to this.
2.  Gas.  DS3 is attending a Catholic High School this year and it is 46 miles round trip to school.  Twice a day.
3.  Audiobook.  I really enjoy listening to books.  Between Audible and NH Downloadable, I probably average 1 book a week, although it may only be 3 books a month.
4. Take-out Dinner.  Usually Pizza, because they deliver, but sometimes Chinese.  It seems that there's usually 1 night each weekend that I just don't feel like cooking!
5. Lunch.  I try to limit it to once a week.

Now I'm stumped, so I think I'll try to finish the list with things I wished I bought once a week.
6. Sunday Paper.  I dream of enjoying the paper on Sunday morning with a cup of tea or coffee.
7. Movie.  Whether it's a trip to the theater or a DVD at home.
8. Yarn.  Nice yarn.  I think you all know what I mean :-)
9. Flowers.  They make the house so cheery, but I seldom treat myself.
10. Music.  Whether it's a new CD or just a song I like that I heard on the radio.  I have some great music but I haven't bought anything new in a while.  Maybe I should try to change that.

That was tough!  What about you?  What types of things do you buy each week?


  1. I love the 'things I wish I bought' idea - I wish I had thought of that!

  2. Oops! I misread it. Oh well :) I do love your what I wish I bought idea too :)