Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

It's the week after Thanksgiving, and so it's officially the Christmas season.  With that came a cold front this weekend and suddenly I. Am. Cold!  It's time to re-evaluate my mitten collection and add to it.  Again, perfect timing with 10 on Tuesday as Carole's prompt this week is:

10 Mittens/Mitts I'd Like to Make

I merely had to go to my Ravelry queue to get me started today :-)

1. Winter Wonder Mittens - I'll admit that I've already started these, but stranded colorwork and magic loop are not a god combination for me.  My floats are too short going from needle 1 to needle 2, so they need to be frogged and restarted with dpn's

2. Postwar Mittens - I just love these and the color combinations are endless!

3. Breathe Deep - The pattern on the hand is simple but interesting.

4. Swansea - I like the texture of these.  The bobbles remind me of little snowballs.

5.  Eugenia's Mittens - I really like the cable on these.

6. Cloisonee - A simple mitten with some fun on the cuff!

7. Snowflakes in Starry Skies Mittens - More snowflake mittens, but these have snowflakes on the palm too.

8. Green Autumn - I've loved these for a long time!  Initially I couldn't find the Vogue Knitting magazine that they were published in, but now I can get the pattern through Ravelry!

9. Genmaicha - These have been in my queue for a long time!  Maybe I'll finally get to them this year.

10. Susie Rogers' Reading Mitts - this is another pattern that I've had in my queue for a long time.  I'm thinking about making these for my book group Yankee Swap.  I think they'd be perfect!

Honorable Mention - I just had to add one more, Clepsydra.  I've actually made these once before, but the yarn I substituted had a really different row gauge so they ended up ridiculously too long.  I'd like to try them again with a different yarn and a little more confidence to modify the length if necessary.

These are some of the mittens I'd like to make.  How about you?  If you'd like some more ideas be sure to check out the links on Carole's Blog. I expect my queue is going to grow a LOT today!


  1. Wow, I love all your choices! I've never seen Eugenia's Mittens before so I just added them to my queue.

  2. Oh no, more mittens I'll have to knit. :)