Saturday, November 30, 2013

Rolling Rock

I finished my Rolling Rock sweater!  I love how it came out!

I learned a new technique with this sweater too, and I like it.  It is knit top down but with a contiguous set in sleeve.  I don't have a good picture of it, but basically you increase on what becomes the front and back of the sweater creating what would be a shoulder seam if the sweater were pieced.  Then more traditional raglan increases occur for the sleeves.
This sweater is a henley style, so it is worked back and forth until you have created the length you want for the placket.  I started this sweater before I attended Amy Herzog's retreat and so I was able to use information I learned to customize this to fit and flatter me best.  So I knit this length to the measurement I wanted without trying it on and trusted my math skills.
I found these perfect buttons at Wal-Mart while I was running through one day.  Shh! Don't tell anyone that I used crazy cheap buttons with this lovely artistic hand-dyed yarn!  It's probably a good time to tell you that the yarn is The Plucky Knitter's Traveler Sport in the color Speakeasy.  It was really lovely to work with.

I continued using my new customizing skills by placing some waist decreases and then increases to better fit my hips without ever trying it on.
And the same with the length.  I knew where I wanted it to end, and how much ribbing I wanted to have.  So I knit to those lengths and finished it off.  I did the same thing with the sleeves.
I didn't put this sweater on until it was completely finished with all the ends woven in.  It's fits exactly like I wanted it too!  I have to say that this was completely liberating.  I don't really have a Spidey-sense yet as to how it should all look on the needles, but with my new found confidence, I'm sure that will come soon!