Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

This week's Ten on Tuesday topic is one that has been on my mind ever since I attended Amy Herzog's Knit. Wear. Love. Retreat in September. I left that weekend completely inspired and feeling empowered to knit beautiful sweaters, and I want to knit them all right now!

The prompt is 5 Favorite Sweater Patterns & 5 Favorite Sweater Yarns for a total of 10.

First, the patterns…..
1. Acorn Trail.  It is currently on the needles because I just couldn't wait any longer to start it, even though I already had multiple projects going and plans for lots of hats for Christmas gifts.
2. Birch Bark. Simple but with a fantastic cable panel for interest.
3. Dark & Stormy.  Again with the simple and a gorgeous cable panel for interest.  Plus I love the big shawl collar on this one too.
4. Flippant.  I can picture myself wearing this all the time.
5. Que Sera.  An oldie but goodie.  I have knit this one already in cotton.  The sucker is heavy and stretches horribly, but it's comfortable and cozy so I wear it a lot.  I'd like to make another on in a wool blend.  Maybe it would keep it's shaper better…

Now, the yarns…..
6. Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage.  This stuff is like crack for me.  I wish I knew how to quit it, but I love it's roundness and the stitch definition I get with it.  Plus it's even softer after washing :-)
7. Plucky Knitter Primo Worsted. It's very similar to the Tosh Vintage, plus it has some cashmere blended in.  Yum!
8. Indigodragonfly MCN Worsted. Very much like Primo and Tosh Worsted, but Kim's colors are so fantastic and deeply layered that the resulting fabric is just gorgeous.
9. Harrisville Highland.  This one is new to me and I am using it for the first time for a sweater.  It just feels like "Your Grandmother's Wool Sweater"  I think it's going to wear like iron!
10. Madelinetosh Tosh DK.  This is not as round as the vintage and makes a flatter fabric in both feel and appearance.

There's my list. Honestly, I could keep going on the sweater patterns.  There are so many fantastic patterns to choose from.  And I'm sure that as I read the lists of the other knitters playing along with Carole this week, my queue will grow!

What's your favorite sweater right now?


  1. We're in about the same place with Acorn Trail. I'm moving along faster on this than any sweater I've knit in the recent past. You've also swayed me with some of your sweater choices. I'd love to knit with Plucky or Indiodragonfly. There are just TOO many beautiful yarns and many fabulous sweaters. Wish I could knit more quickly!

  2. I now have added Acorn Trail to my favs. Can't wait to watch it grow.