Monday, February 17, 2014

Ravellenic Knitting Update

It's time for a quick update on my progress!  I finished the sweater for my niece.  I'll do a proper post for it once it's had a bath and I give it to her.  She can be a real ham for the camera too, if she's in the right mood, so hopefully I'll have some fun pictures to share later :-)
I'm making some nice progress on the Lazy Jacks Hat.  It's an easy pattern to follow and I need to order some more of this yarn that I'm using for it too.
Color Affection is going everywhere with me.  I've added the 2nd color, obviously, and have finished 7 of 12 stripes.  The rows are starting to get long now!  There's no way I'm finishing this by the end of the Olympics, but maybe I'll get to join the 3rd color before the Games end.
I hope you're enjoying the Olympics!  Did you see the USA vs Russia Men's Hockey game?  What a great finish!

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