Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

 10 Thoughts on the Winter Olympics  

I usually love the Winter Olympics and I really thought I would watch more of it than I have.  What I have seen though, I've really enjoyed.  Here are my thoughts so far.....

1. Men's Hockey vs Russia was a GREAT game!  That shoot out? Wow!  I hope the Gold Medal game is as exciting!
2. The people who compete in Skeleton must have nerves of steel.  Or a death wish.  Head first on your stomach at 80 mph?  Crazy.
3. I was completely captivated by the Ice Dancing this year.  It used to bore me to tears, but this year I really enjoyed it.  So many of the routines were really beautiful!  And I'm so happy for the US team that won!
4. Bode Miller.  What can I say. Competing in his 5th Olympic Games in a sport that is physically and mentally demanding.  The bad boy of skiing has finally matured and I was happy for him that he won a bronze medal. Plus he's a local NH boy so rooting for him is just fun.
5. I miss Shaun White's long hair.
6. I know I'm in the minority on this, but I kind of like the Opening Ceremony sweaters.  I wouldn't want to wear one, but I thought they really made the US Team stand out when they entered the arena. There was no mistaking that this was the US Team, and really, isn't that the point?
7. Thank goodness Bob Costas' eye is finally better!  I can't imagine getting an infection like that while traveling!
8. Bobsledding looks like fun.  I would love to try it!
9. Biathalon is another sport that I'd love to try.  I can't imagine the mental strength required to accurately shoot a target after cross-country skiing as fast as you can.
10. Curling.  I don't understand it at all, but when it comes on, I'm fascinated by it.  Go figure!

Bonus thought... I have more snow in my backyard than they have in Sochi!  You really have to wonder the wisdom of the committee that selected the site.

Thanks for the fun topic Carole!


  1. I miss Shaun White's hair, too! Love your list - I'm with you on all counts, except Those Sweaters. (Too busy, but they were definitely noticeable!) Wish you were here in Kalamazoo -- I'd take you to the Curling Club and let you throw some rocks. (I don't curl, although I have thrown a few rocks. My husband is a curler, though.)

  2. We have so. much. snow! Well, we did lose a bit today. I'd love to try bobsledding too!