Sunday, May 18, 2014


Chandler's Prom was this weekend!  I love seeing him and his friends plot and plan about who they'd like to go with, how they're going to ask, and then roll their eyes at all the moms who remind them that they need to order a tux, pick put flowers, clean their cars, and behave like young gentlemen.

Chandler took his girlfriend Stephanie.  He looked so handsome!
He really cracks me up with his sense of style.  Picking out these shoes was the easiest part of the tux shopping experience!
Off we went to Steph's house for flowers and pictures.

They are so cute together :-)

This is the small group of friends that met for flowers and pictures.  Stephanie's brother also went to the Prom.  Spenser and his date Nadia on the left.  Steph's close friend Meg went with Chandler's good friend Robbie.

I actually managed to get a nice picture of them during the Grand March!
They all had a great evening and a lot of fun with their friends.  Then they went to the beach together the next day.  What a fun weekend!

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