Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

I think we all go through our days comfortable with what we know and what we do. But there are always times when you find yourself stumped, or maybe just plain wondering about something. I know that I sometimes wonder if my view on a topic would be different if I knew more about the subject. Some things I just wish I did better and maybe I could if I just knew more about it.  This week Carole asked us to think about

 10 Things (or Subjects) You Wish You Knew More About

1. Gardening - the flower variety. I love a pretty container of flowers but I feel like I really stink at combining flowers that look good together.  My method generally involves this.... "These all require Full Sun? I like these colors together? Is one tall and one short?  Done."
2. Gardening - the vegetable variety.  I started dabbling a few years ago with a small vegetable garden.  We really enjoy the fresh vegetables but I'm not very good at it and don't get the yield that I think I should.  I have no clue when to start seeds so I always start with plants from the nursery.  I have so much to learn!
3. My Camera.  It is a DSLR and is waaaaay too advanced for my ability, but I bought it because I can take a pictures of my kids doing the things they love, and they're actually in the picture!  I did not have that same success with my old point and shoot digital camera.
4. Knitting. I'm reasonably skilled and profiecient with my knitting, but there is always more to learn!  I love learning more.  Some day I'd like to complete the Master Knitter Program.  Maybe I should get on that sometime soon.
5. World Religions.  There are so many that I'd like to understand better.
6. My Electronics. I know I'm scratching the surface with my electronics.  I'm pretty comfortable with them but I'm always stunned what I learn from my kids when they sit beside me while using them.
7. iPhoto.  Goes hand in hand with my camera.  And my electronics. :-)
8. Clean Eating.  Although I've tried to dramatically reduce processed foods in my family's diet over the last couple years, I'd like to learn more about this.
9. Contemporary History.  I really feel that most of what I know about WW2 and what followed is lacking.  I love reading a good novel historical novel and learning more about the issues, ideals, and conflicts.
10. Cooking.  It's something I love to do and I'm pretty good at it, but I'd love to be better at it. Fancier meals more suited to "company" or adult dining as my kids are leaving the nest.  Grilling meats that use homemade marinades and salads that use fresh dressings.  I guess this really goes well with the idea of Clean Eating too.

These are some of the things I'd like to know about.  How about you?


  1. I think your gardening methods sound just fine! And I'm with you on cooking. My kids are in the process of leaving the nest, so I also need some new "grownup" meal choices". I haven't gotten quantities adjusted yet, so it seems like my husband and I are always eating leftovers because I'm still cooking for 4 people!

  2. Our lists are very similar. My DSLR just overwhelms me sometimes but I'm getting a bit better. Clean eating is always a good thing! The less processed foods the better I think.

  3. Only two things to add to your gardening knowledge -- a bit of color theory, which you probably already have from knitting, and awareness of plant shapes (round vs spiky vs vase-shaped vs spreading). There you go!

  4. Veggie gardening is a crap shoot every year. But plants need water, sun and good soil. If your nursery has the plants you like then there is no need to start your own plants (unless you really want to). Although it is fun to watch them grow from a sprout to a fruit bearing plant.

  5. Life is never dull! So very much to learn! And that's a good thing. . .