Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I had a serious case of Startitis in January.  Last month I cast on 3 pairs of socks, a pair of mittens and a sweater.  Two of the socks are finished.  I showed you the first pair of socks, Twisted Mockery, last week.  Last night I finished the second pair of socks which I'll show you tomorrow.  The mittens and sweater didn't get much attention this past week so they really don't look much different than the last time I posted them.  Hopefully next week I'll have some noticeable progress to show you on those.

What I do have to show you though is the 3rd pair of socks I cast on in January!  This is Hedera by Cookie A.  This is one of the patterns in her new book Knit. Sock. Love. Hedera is one of the patterns that she updated and added sizes.  It's been in my queue for a long time but never found it's way onto my needles.  The Knit.Sock. Love. Group on Ravelry started a KAL in January to work their way through her book, casting on a pattern a month, but you have 2 months to get it finished.  I'm going to try to keep up, TRY I'm sure being the key word :-)  January's pattern was Hedera and I cast on at the last minute!
I'm using Lime N Violet Sasquatch Superwash which was a gift/prize from Mapleweave.  The color is Olivia d'Havilland.  I love the color but I'm struggling just a little with the yarn.  It's not quite as tightly spun as the yarns I typically choose, so I find I have to be careful I don't split it while I'm knitting.  Other than that small issue,  I'm enjoying it!  Thanks Christine!

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  1. You are welcome! I would have never recognized the sock from the skein I gave you.