Tuesday, March 29, 2011

10 on Tuesday

10 Reasons to Use the Public Library

Public Libraries may be the most under utilized treasures in our communities.  I love the library. I have so many great memories of the library from my childhood.  I think I may have read every Nancy Drew and every Hardy Boys Mystery book in my library as a child.  I spent hours at the library in middle school and high school doing homework and writing papers. When my boys were little, Wednesday was library day, right after grocery shopping.  During difficult financial times libraries often take a hit in funding, but I hope that communities recognize their importance and contributions and keep them open.  Here are some of the reasons why I love Public Libraries.

1.  My first instinct is to say because it's free, but it's really not.  You pay for it with your taxes so you might as well take advantage of what you've already paid for!
2. Hardcover books.  I like hardcover books.  I like the weight of them, the size of them, and the feel.  Buying one is a luxury, but there are a whole bunch of them to choose from at the library.
3.  Audiobooks.  I listen to more books than I actually read now.  They can be quite expensive, so this is an economical way to enjoy them.
4.  Children's Room.  This has always been my favorite room in the library.  Where else in the world is it perfectly acceptable and expected to find people sitting on the floor with a stack of books having a grand time?
5.  Inter-library loan.  If your library doesn't have it another one probably does and would be happy to loan it to you for a short time.  This is how I first experienced Alice Starmore's Aran Knitting :-)
6.  Down-loadable books.  This is what I use my library card for the most.  With a PIN and my local library card number, I can download audio books to my ipod, which is my preferred method of listening.  Even better, I can do it from the comfort and convenience of my home any hour of the day and night! 
7.  Family Movie Night.  I admit my family has never gone, but two Fridays a month my local library shows a family movie and it's open to the public.
8.  Book Club.  I'm lucky enough to have a book club in my neighborhood, but if I didn't, the library hosts one too.
9.  Story Hour.  My boys loved this when they were little.
10. Summer Reading Program.  Great way to keep the kids reading in the summer.

That's my list!  I have an urge to go read now :-) 

Happy Tuesday!

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