Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WIP Wednesday

So what have I been working on this week?  Let me show you!

First up is pattern #2, Haleakala, from the Cookie A Sock Club.  Yes, #2!  There are 2 patterns in each shipment, 2 cookie recipes, and yarn.  I'm so glad I joined this club.  I received the first shipment a couple weeks ago and I am completely thrilled.  The yarn is Caper from String Theory.  I've had some in my stash since Stitches East 2009 but hadn't used it yet.  I decided to knit pattern #2 first with Caper yarn I had in my stash.  This color is Black Cherry and I think it's a great fit for this pattern.  The club color is Solas, which is a tealish color and I am saving it for pattern #1, Ripple Leaf.  I'm just past the heel turn for sock #1.
The second project I'm working on is a pair of Monkey socks.  Monkey is the February pattern for the Knit. Sock. Love KAL.  I'm using Socks That Rock lightweight in Purple Rain.
My third project is my Flint sweater.  I've separated the sleeves and I'm working on the body now.  I've got just over 4" of the body complete with lots more to go.  I have to say that I'm really enjoying this stockinette knitting.  I haven't done plain stockinette in a while.  It's very therapeutic!
The mittens didn't get any attention this week. I'm thinking about frogging them and starting again.
I'm not completely happy with the floats on the inside and I really don't think it's something that will work itself out in blocking.  They're in time-out while I think about it.

What's on your needles?

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  1. Flint is looking great! Nice socks too! Bummer about the mitt, but sometimes you gotta frog :(