Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

10 Headlines from the Year you were Born

I was going to tell you what year I was born, but I thought it would be more fun to have my first blog contest and ask you to guess!  I admit that I had to ask my good friend Google to help me with this week's list.  It was fun and enlightening to do the research.  Here are your clues!

1. The Voting Rights Act becomes law

2. Malcolm X is assassinated in Harlem

3. The Great Archway in St. Louis is completed

4. LBJ stops bombing and offers peace

5. Winston Churchill dies

6. Watts Riots leave 34 dead

7. LA Dodgers beat the Minnesota Twins to win the World Series

8. The Beatles visit Elvis Presley at his home in LA

9. Diet Pepsi is now available!

10. The Sound of Music wins the Academy Award for Best Picture

Leave your guess as to what year I was born in the comments.  If there is more than 1 correct guess, I'll put those names in bowl and draw a winner!  Good luck!  I'm off to toss the stash and come up with something good :-)


  1. Is this cheating? I just read another's list that had a couple of your events. The year was, iirc, 1965. (Feel free to toss my name out of your bowl -- no cheaters!)

  2. I agree with kmkat for 1965 - The Voting Rights Act becoming Law gave it away!

  3. 1965 it is...and the sad part is, I remember some of those things happening! I was a sophmore in HS. Guess that most likely makes me the senior citizen blogger of the day---funny, I don't feel that old! 1965 was almost like yesterday!!!!! :)

  4. I know that Sir Winston Churchill left this earth in 1965 so that will be my guess.

  5. Throw another 1965 in the pot!