Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

10 Favorite Musicals

This week's topic is favorite musicals.  I immediately started thinking of the handful of Broadway Musicals I've seen and knew that there was no way I would get to ten.  But really, is it only theater productions that count as musicals?  What about movies?  So I've decided to include both.  Here are ten that I have enjoyed!

1.  Wicked.  Hated the book, loved the musical.  I actually saw this in London while on vacation with Tom.

2. Phantom of the Opera.  I saw this show in Boston.  All I Ask of You is my favorite song from this show.

3. Mama Mia!  Such a fun show!  If you haven't seen it and get the opportunity, GO!  Here's a clip from the official show site http://ppc.broadway.com/shows/mamma-mia/video/145061/show-clip-mamma-mia-dancing-queen-montage/

4.  The Producers.  I saw this in NY on Broadway.  I've seen the movie too, the one with Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane, but I prefer the live production.  Enjoy a little "Springtime for Hiltler" :-)

5. The Wizard of Oz.  A classic that I still enjoy.  I can never skip over it when it's on TV.                 

6. Grease.  Oh John Travolta, how I love thee :-)

7. The Sound of Music.  Tom and I visited Austria in 2006.  It was a work thing for him with very little actual work and lots and lots of fun.  The last day that we were there we actually went on "The Sound of Music Tour"  Super fun and the tour guide was just silly enough to get everyone on board the bus to sing along to the soundtrack.  I wish I had a picture to show you of the two of us in front of the gazebo from the song I am 16 Going on 17, but all the pictures are on Tom's computer.

8. My Fair Lady.  This was the first play that I ever saw and was a big girls day out with my mother.

9. Moulin Rouge.  Here's a little medley for you of songs from the movie.

10. Beauty and the Beast. This was the first movie that we took our oldest son to.  I love it as much now as I did when it first came out :-)

What are some of the musicals you've enjoyed?

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