Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

10 Hostess Gifts

This certainly is a timely topic this week, as it often is, as so many of will be visiting friends and family celebrating the holiday season. It's nice to think of my host/hostess and bring a little something for them to enjoy later.  I don't know about you, but I have some friends who are fabulous at entertaining.  I know they put a lot of time, energy and attention into the event and to making everyone feel welcome and comfortable, so I try to remember to bring a little something to say "Thanks".  Here are some ideas.....

1. Poinsettia - They are always beautiful at this time of year
2. Wine - always a nice gift. If you have a local vineyard that would add a fun local twist to it.
3. Peppermint Schnapps - great by itself or to add to some cocoa.
4. Maple Syrup - the real stuff, not Mrs. Buttersworth. If you're traveling, I think it's a neat idea to bring a local specialty to share with your hosts.
5. Candles - either a scented jar candle or some tapers tied together with a pretty bow.
6. Seasonal Hand Towels -
7. Candy - Does your host happen to love Lindt Truffles?  Or do you have a local candy maker?
8. Flowers - A small seasonal arrangement is always nice
9. CD - A collection of seasonal music is nice, or if you know your hostess likes a particular genre or artist you can get something special that would fit.
10. Beach Towel - I know this is an odd one, BUT here's the story that goes with it.  I've mentioned before that I have a lakefront home, so I tend to have a fair bit of company, although it's mostly day guests in the form of my kid's teenage friends.  We go through a lot of towels in the summer time.  I had a house guest once who brought me a nice, thick plush beach towel to add to our collection.  It became an instant favorite in our house!  I tried to hide it and keep it for myself, but I lost that battle.  I think it was such a great gift because my guest know that a "nice" towel would be a treat, considering the department store cheapies I usually buy, knowing that they will most likely end up on the ground, in the driveway, and/or hanging from a tree :-)

Do you have a favorite Hostess gift that you like to give?  I''d love to hear it!  If you'd like to join Ten on Tuesday you can sign up here!


  1. Good ideas! I really like the "local specialty" and I can totally see how a nice thick beach towel would be a nice treat!

  2. I really like the candy idea... :)

  3. Great list! Good idea on the towel too :) Sadly, I ran out of steam after 6 and was almost late getting to work today...sigh ;)

  4. Peppermint Schnapps - yummmmmm. When are you coming over? Great list Dianne!