Friday, August 31, 2012

One More Done

I didn't think I would be able to finish this pair by the end August, but I managed to get it done!  I love these socks!  I love the yarn, the color, and the way they look!  Once I got back into them though, I remembered why I had set them aside.  As much as I love them, knitting this pattern was slow and tedious for me.
Challenge #1 - This sock pattern was written as a Mystery Sock KAL in multiple sizes.  For some inexplicable reason, I had printed 3 clues for the 72 stitch size, 1 clue for 64 stitches, and 1 clue for all sizes.  I knit the 72 stitch size and yet the leg directions and chart I had was for the 64 stitch size.  I went in search of the clues in my documents library, and I didn't have them.  Hmmm.  So I went to Ravelry to download it again only to discover that the pattern is no longer available as the file had been lost.
It was time to examine my completed first sock and figure out how to make the 2nd sock match the first one.  I was successful!
Challenge #2 - I made really lousy notes on my first sock!  I had to measure and count heel flap rows so I could get them to match, and I didn't note on which row I ended the foot.  So I knit and ripped that twice, then decided it was close enough.  I'm keeping these for me, so they didn't need to match my ridiculous perfect standards.  But now they are done and I am tickled pink!

Pattern: Through the Loops Mystery Sock 08 by Kirsten Kapur
Yarn: Skinny Bugga in Cotton Stainer
Needle: 2.25mm
Cast On: September 4, 2010
Bind Off: August 31, 2012

Tomorrow is the beginning of Year 6 for Sock Knitters Anonymous.  It's also a new KAL for the Hazel Knits Group.  I already have a couple patterns picked out to cast on!  I'm sure you'll see them soon!

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  1. Love the socks! Great job on figuring out the pattern so you could finish too :)