Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Rest of the Story

Do you remember these socks? 
Let me tell you what is so special about them to me.  They were my very first test knit!  For the incredible designer Cookie A!  Cookie had posted on her Facebook page that she was looking for some test knitters for her new sock book.  There was a link to a questionnaire that she asked potential knitters to fill out, and so I did.  I really thought that would be the end of it and I wondered when the new book would be released.

You can imagine how stunned I was to actually receive an email, from Cookie herself, that I had been selected to knit Thelonious! Seriously?!?!  I was speechless.
Off I ran to my stash to pick out something that would be just right.  I settled on Skinny Bugga in Karner Blue and then waited for the pattern to arrive.  And then I knit, and made notes, scratched my head thinking, made more notes, chatted on line with other test knitters, and knit some more.  We had 5 days to complete the sock.  At one point I wasn't sure I would make the deadline, but in the end, I did!
I really enjoyed the experience.  Thank you Cookie A!  I hope I have the opportunity to do it again someday!

I now have my copy of the book Knit. Sock. Love.  It's also available in pdf format.  I admit I got both :-)  I always make a working copy of my patterns to carry around with me.  It's going to be so easy to just print the pattern I want, as opposed to flattening the book out on my copier, trying to get  a good copy.
And see this?  You may have to click to enlarge the picture, but there's my name, as a test knitter!  And to my sock club/camp friends, there's another name there that you may recognize too :-)
This may have been my most exciting knitting experience.  It's right up there with having met the Yarn Harlot in person!  What's yours?


  1. How awesome is that! :) Love those socks too! I'm about to embark on my first test knit...I'm a little bit nervous...

  2. It was fun knowing a fellow test knitter for Thelonious. Love the color you chose.