Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hollyday Socks

I finished my gift knitting with time to spare, so I decided that it was time to knit myself  a pair of Christmas socks.  A quick look through the stash and I found my skein of Hollyday. Perfect. I wanted a design that was patterned, and not lace, and decided on Cedar Creek.

The sock starts with a nice picot edge..........
Then continues with textured stitch pattern that continues on the foot.
An Eye of the Partridge heel flap that resulted in great striping on the heel. I didn't take a heel picture but you can kind of see it in this picture.
I didn't finish them in time to wear for Christmas, but I did finish them by the end of the month to count for the Sock-A-Month 10 group.  This gives me a completed pair of socks for each month this round which was July through December. Yay!

Pattern: Cedar Creek
Yarn: STR lightweight in Hollyday
needle: 2.25mm magic looped
Mods: The pattern calls for a smaller needle size for the picot cuff and the foot.  I didn't change needle size


  1. Love them! Funny I traded my skein, shouldn't have LOL! Yay for a pair a you know where my sock mojo went? I can't find it!