Tuesday, March 22, 2011

10 on Tuesday

 10 Reasons to be Glad it's Spring!

It's seems like this week's topic is wishful thinking for me, because THIS is what I woke up to this morning!
I usually don't mind winter weather, but last week we had a couple days in the 60's and 80% of the snow in my yard was melted.  I guess I made the mental adjustment to the next season because today I think Mother Nature is an evil wench!  So let's count down the reasons why....

1. Birdsong.  I never quite notice when the birds finally do leave for the winter, but I always have a day in the spring when I stop whatever I'm doing because I just realized the birds are back and I hear them singing.
2. Daylight. There's more of it every day :-)
3. Cadbury Mini Eggs.  You can only buy them around Easter. Yum!
4. Maple Sugaring. It's such a traditional New England Spring activity.  I love the look of the buckets on the trees and the smell of sap reducing.
5. Peepers.  I find their sound soothing.
6. Loons.  They will be back to the lake very soon. 
7. Opening the windows.  I've already had the house windows open a couple times.  I love having fresh air in the house.
8. Planting Flowers.  I like going to the garden center and deciding what I'm going to plant for the year and what I'll fill my pots, window boxes, and hanging planters with.
9. Planning my Vegetable Garden.  I grew a few vegetables for the first time last summer.  I had mixed success, so I am looking forward to making some changes and trying again.
10. Getting the Convertible out!  I love my little car :-)  I put it away for the winter by December 1 and don't allow myself to get it back out until April 1.  10 more days!  Woohoo!!

Thanks for a fun list Carole!


  1. Mini Eggs are my fave and I can not find them anywhere this year! =(

  2. Oooh Mini eggs! :) Good list! Yikes on the snow though!