Monday, February 20, 2012


Don't you love that time in a project, especially a big project, when you can see the end?
The sleeves have been joined and the yoke is getting close to done, then it's just the button bands.  Here's a little close up of the yoke design, it's a fun pattern even though the whole project is getting a little bulky and heavy on the needles.  Almost finished!
What's more exciting, the thrill of a new finished item to wear or the anticipation of starting something new?


  1. Looking good!! I know you can't wait to be able to wear it :)

  2. Yes. To answer your question. I am always on the prowl for my next cast on. But I've learned that it truly does work out better for me just to have one project going at a time.
    Or...just two.
    Looking forward to seeing pic's of the FO. Love the color!