Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

10 Favorite Chocolate Treats

Can you think of a better topic for Valentine's Day than chocolate?  I can't.  I do love chocolate in most anything.  Here are a few of my favorites.....

1. M & M's.  Simple and classic and available almost anywhere
2. Brownies, especially if you add some chocolate chips or sprinkle with M&M's
3. Hot Chocolate, a tasty warm treat to enjoy on a chilly day
4. Lindt Truffles, a decadent treat
5. Hot Fudge sauce
6. Frappe, or if you're a New Englander, a Friendly's Fribble
7. Chocolate Cruller, from Dunkin Donuts. Mmmmmm :-)
8. Death By Chocolate Ice Cream
9. Pudding, I'm kind of partial to the Jello sugar-free 
10. Chocolate Stampede at Longhorn Restaurant.  This is hands down my favorite dessert, and one I hope to enjoy with my sweetie when we get a chance to enjoy a dinner out again, hopefully soon!

What's your favorite Chocolate treat?


  1. NOOOO, not pudding! While I don't like the pudding, I'm a fan of the M&M, especially the peanut butter ones.

  2. Oh my...I would love a Fribble. There's a Friendly's in town where I work. Must be strong! Great list.

  3. Oooh chocolate pudding is wonderful!