Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WIP Wednesday

What I love about January is that it's perfectly acceptable to hide and the house and surround yourself with comforting activities without being labeled a hermit.  Every January I set ridiculous goals of what I want to knit for the upcoming year and get the urge to make a sweater!

Since I went to the Plucky Knitter trunk show a couple weekends ago, I decided to go ahead and cast on for my Vodka Gimlet.  I really love this color and the feel of this yarn!  I've been trying to complete a set of increases every couple of days.  It's making for slow progress, but it is progress!
I also have gotten back to my Washington Square sweater.  I have finished the second sleeve and have started the body.  This is my car and hockey knitting right now.  The ribbing on the body is really simple and there's no waist shaping to worry about.  And it's not too big yet so it's not cumbersome to carry around.
I'm also working on the SKA January Mystery Sock, Blathnat, by Irishgirleknits.  Yeah, I'm way behind, but I don't care.  I'm using some Plucky Knitter Primo fingering and my new Signature Needle Arts DPN's and just enjoying the sock as it unfolds, or should I say reveals itself.

I have another little secret project that needs to be finished very soon.  I can't wait to show you that, but it will probably be a couple more weeks before I can reveal it :-)

Happy Wednesday everyone!  The sun is finally out here so I think it's time to take the dogs out to play for a bit before the rest of my day gets crazy!


  1. I wondered how long you could hold out before you started knitting up the Barn Door ;) Some pretty knits! I too need to start knitting my Blathnet's.

  2. I have to finish my Blathnats. I have one inch and toe left on the second sock! But I can't lay off the shawls I'm knitting at the moment.