Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cotty Socks

I finished these socks last week.  I knit them as part of the Cotty KAL in the Irishgirlieknits Group on Ravelry.  I've had this yarn in my stash for a couple years, I think.  It was a Rockin' Sock Club yarn that was paired with a pattern that I just didn't care for, but I really liked the yarn.
I got some crazy pooling on the legs and some striping on the feet.  Why the change you ask?  The pattern calls for 60 stitches, but I get my best fit with STR medium at 56-58 stitches.  So I decreased the foot to 58 stitches for a better fit for me.
I always love the toe of the sock when you can see how all the colors really play well together.
Pattern: Cotty by Irishgirlieknit
Yarn: Socks That Rock mediumweight in River Rocked
Needle: 2.5mm KnitPicks Circular for Magic Loop
Cast On: January 1
Bind Off: January 25
Mods: Decreased foot to 58 stitches

So for my personal Yardage in vs Yardage Out Challenge I'm currently losing.  In January in took in 1600 yards and I knit and destashed 1004 yds.  At the end of January I am up 596 yards.  I better get one of those sweaters finished ASAP before the sock club shipments all arrive! Then I'll really be losing. LOL!

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  1. I love the pooling on the leg! Socks That Rock is my favorite sock yarn.