Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

After a crazy busy summer I am so happy to have life slowing down and getting back on schedule! Which means that I can make time to participate in Ten on Tuesday again and this is a great topic to get back on track with.

10 Favorite TV Shows from my Childhood

1. Little House on the Prairie.  Hands down, this was my favorite show growing up and the first one that came to mind when I read this topic.  Who wouldn't want Charles Ingalls as her Pa?
2. Happy Days.  I'm not sure who I had a bigger crush on, Fonzie or Richie?  And I loved that Mrs. C always called Fonzie, Arthur.
3. Laverne and Shirley.  Those girls had some crazy times!
4. WKRP in Cincinatti.  I. loved. this. show!  It drove my mother crazy but she let me watch it anyway.   To this day my favorite line is still "As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly" Poor Mr. Carlson :-)

5. The Brady Bunch.  My favorite character was Alice.
6. Quincy. I wanted to be a coroner for the longest time because of this show! LOL
7. The Love Boat.  It was just a fun show with fun cast a guest stars.
8. Charlie's Angels. I spent most of my teen years trying to have "Farrah Fawcett" hair.  And I loved that they were girls that were kicking butt and taking names.
9. Emergency! I remember that this was must watch tv in my house.  Everybody loved it.
10. Gilligan's Island.  Gilligan was so lovable!  And the Howell's cracked me up.

I also have a couple of Honorable Mentions that just didn't make the cut.
11. Fantasy Island.  The Plane, the plane!  I used to watch this on Friday nights while babysitting.
12. Dallas.  I loved to hate JR!
13. Mork and Mindy. Robin Williams was so funny.
14. Zoom.  This and The Electric Company were the only PBS shows that I liked as a kid.

What show was your favorite as a kid?


  1. I loved Little House. Zoom was another one of my favorites. Do you remember how to speak Ubby Dubby?

  2. Love Love Love!! The shows you listed that were NOT on my list of 93 (heheee) are missing only because they didn't meet my self-imposed criteria. WKRP!!

  3. Great list and we have a lot I "would" have posted similiar!